Travel to Washington for less

Visiting our nation's capital is something that many Americans would like to do. Travel expenses can make it difficult for some tourists to see this beautiful city. In this article, you'll learn how to explore the capital of the free world for less.

  • Buy a short pass to the subway (subway). This allows you to use the subway for an unlimited number of short rides at an attractive price.
  • Stop in Virginia or Maryland near a subway station. These hotels have cheaper rates.
  • Do not visit in spring or summer. Other seasons will have cheaper hotel rates.
  • Camping or bring a motorhome.
  • Eat at least one meal in the hotel room to save money. If you stay at a hotel near a metro station, you don't need a car. Many hotels are within walking distance of pharmacies and grocery stores. Buy the basics to keep in your room.
  • Carry water bottles with you and fill them in nearby fountains.
  • Visit free Smithsonian museums and request free tickets for tours from the Senator or Congressman's office.
  • Do not eat lunch in restaurants in museums, they are very expensive.
  • Limit souvenirs to one or two things you love, not many small things that you see everywhere.
  • If you are going to DC, do not stay at the hotel, which charges a parking day fee.
  • Find a hotel with breakfast.
  • Walk around popular neighborhoods to see them, but don't eat there. For example Georgetown, Old Towne etc.
  • Go only to museums that do not charge, such as the Smithsonian museums. Museums like the Crime Museum and the International Spy Museum charge a fee.
  • Take part in a free concert every day at the Kennedy Center. Check online to see what is playing every day.
  • If you want to see the game at Kennedy Center, check prices only for standing room. Sometimes they cost just 35 USD!
  • Buy tickets for special tours online. Usually you can save a few dollars by buying tickets before arrival.
  • Use bus transfers, they charge much less than taxis. Take the free King Street subway trolley to Old Towne Alexandria.

With a little planning, you can cut costs and see Washington, DC, for much less.

There are many free and fun things to do. For example, plan to see the mall at night. Viewing illuminated sights is beautiful and free. The city has many free things to see and do. If you can reduce the cost of accommodation and travel, it is worth going on a trip!