Local travel guides – cheap ideas for local travel and events

My wife, Diana and I are adventurers. We expect cheap local trips every weekend. We have never been "at home" or "put foot and watch the game" of people. We always felt that adventure was always outside our door. This is probably a big reason why we like to move every few years and explore different places.

Every time we think about the next place, we make sure that there is a lot going on in the area. That's why we currently live in Rockville, Maryland. We are about 20 miles from the center of DC, which gives us a full range of museums and other tourist attractions. We also like to hike, ride a bike or visit nearby historic cities, providing a perfect balance between the sophistication of the city and rural donuts (mmm … donuts).

Unfortunately, traveling can be expensive, and by sharing a list of cheap resources that we use, you can find ways to enjoy new and interesting places.

Ideas for places to visit

* Frommer & # 39; s
* Virtual tourist
* Fodor & # 39; s
* National Park service

Special events in the city

* Zvents
* US Museums
* Your local newspaper or city page
* Here are some local event resources pages: South Florida, SF Area, Boston, Washington Post, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago. Houston

Other ideas for finding places and events

* Check out the library for great local travel guides such as Off the Beaten Path, Insider & # 39; s Guide, Moon, Mobil, Frommer & # 39; s, Fodor & # 39; s, Falcon and more.
* AAA members can use their website to get discounts on tickets and FREE maps.
* Each country has a Department of Tourism where they can send literature directly to you
* Offices and local visitors' kiosks can provide ideas when you get there
* Local Chamber of Commerce – Local travel companies are looking for a chamber to display
* Tour America factories (most free) – I went to the Jelly Belly factory in Northern California – delicious!
* If you like a particular activity, you will probably create a specific national association that can provide local and regional ideas such as American Hiking or American Sportfishing
* Meetup – local meetings for groups with special interests or create your own (I joined the dodge ball meeting some time ago)
* Craigslist

Let me know about great resources and I will add them to the list.