Six Flags America Discount Tickets – What are your Options? Learn all about this park and how to save

There are many advantages to buying Six Flags America discount tickets online – especially season tickets. The most obvious benefit is the convenience of having tickets earlier. You don't have to wait and wait in line all day, especially if you have a flash pass.

Another benefit is that discounted tickets are cheaper on the Internet than in the park. Because the company processes online ticket orders easier and cheaper than at the gate, customers are lower. For example, the current online special offer is two regular tickets for the price of one.

The best option is to get the 2010 season pass for Six Flags America. This pass is usually not much higher than the price for a single regular ticket! With it you can get unlimited visits to ALL parks and numerous additional benefits such as free tickets for friends, hundreds of dollars in savings, Skip a Line Pass, free concerts and many exclusive giveaways that are not available for regular guests.

Now that you know about some discount ticket options, you need to learn more about the park itself. Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor are located in the Maryland / Washington area. The best time to visit is on summer weekdays and the most regular operating days in September and October. In these times, attendance is the lightest, so you don't have to worry about crowds.

The amusement park is divided into different themed areas, each with special rides and attractions. The map is available online for printing. Thematic areas are: Gotham City, Olde Boston, Southwest Territory, Looney Tunes Movie Town, Nantucket and Thomas Town for children. Hurricane Harbor is of course a water park.

There are rides for visitors of all ages. Some are exciting and joyful, while others are rather gentle. The amusement park is filled with roller coasters, such as Superman: Ride of Steel, which is the fastest and most exciting. You fly 20 floors on 1 mile of track at a speed of 75 miles per hour! Hurricane Harbor has many slides and fun water rides. It is open from the end of May to September.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how exciting and fun both an amusement park and a water park can be, you need to order Six Flags America discount tickets while they are still at an unbeatable price! Whether you want to buy a regular ticket or a season pass, you should get it before the start of the season, as prices may soon increase.